Blog posts:

Effective Strategies for Kafka Topic Partitioning (external link)

    07 May 2021
    Data partitioning for scale at New Relic

Real-Time Event Processing (external link)

    12 Mar 2018
    Using Apache Kafka for Stream processing at New Relic

Dsp Audio

    04 Feb 2016
    An introduction to audio processing in digital signal processing

Dsp Fundamentals

    23 Aug 2015
    Some of the fundamental concepts underlying all the fields of DSP

Python Inheritance

    07 May 2015
    Multiple Inheritance in Python

9 Lessons From Startup Weekend

    05 Jan 2015
    My experience of PDXSW in listicle form

Calibrating Ultrasonic Speakers Cont

    18 Aug 2014
    More problem solving and DSP

Calibrating Ultrasonic Speakers

    28 Jul 2014
    Problem solving and DSP

Pyqtgraph Live Spectrogram

    09 Jul 2014
    Visualizing sounds from your microphone

Python Qt And Virtualenv In Windows

    22 Jun 2014
    PyQt/PySide with virtualenv in windows

Python Qt And Virtualenv In Linux

    30 May 2014
    How to make PyQt/PySide play nice with virtualenv