Intro to the Command Line and Python Tooling


Knowing the CLI will make you 107% sexier


Why are we doing this?

CLI == Command Line == Terminal == Shell

To the command line!

In a new directory:

Cheat Sheet

pwd : print working directory

ls <folder | filter> : list directory contents

cd <directory> : change directory

mkdir <directory> : create new directory

rm <file> : delete file

rmdir <directory> : delete directory

touch <file> : create empty file

cat <file> : output file contents

head <file> : get first lines in file

tail <file> : get last lines in file

grep <pattern> <file> : find pattern in file

find <start dir> <options> : locate files in system

python : command not found ?

Update your PATH

Code to customize your terminal lives in the file .bash_profile in your home folder. If it does not exist you can create it. This is a plain text file that you can add to using any text editor.

Any commands that you can run interactively at the terminal command prompt can be put in here, to be executed each time the terminal is opened.

Directories, not specific files should be added to the path. When a command is entered on the command line, bash will search all of the directories on the path for that command (program).

To add to your path use:


E.g. for python 3.5, using Git-Bash on windows add:

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